Our Services

We are a general law practice that boasts of almost two decades’ experience of law practice in Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo. Our strength lies in being able to provide intimate and therefore tailored legal services to each of our clients. Knowledge of the specific needs of each of our clients is of paramount importance to the firm. The cornerstones of our practice lie in commercial and corporate practice, conveyancing and legal drafting, civil litigation and arbitration as well as labour litigation. While all legal practitioners in the firm are generally able to do all work, the firm favours specialization which allows for greater service refinement and expertise. Thus each of our legal practitioners is allocated work according to his or her area of specialization and level of experience.

While all Legal Practitioners in the Firm are generally able to do all work, the Firm favours specialization which allows for greater service refinement and expertise. Thus, each of our Legal Practitioners is allocated work according to his or her area of specialization and level of experience.


This department offers legal services in:-

  • Commercial contract negotiation.
  • Commercial contract drafting.
  • Legal due diligence work.
  • Mergers, reconstructions and acquisitions.
  • Liquidations, insolvency law and judicial management.

Our conveyancing and drafting department handles various matters including:- 

  • Registration of transfers of immovable property.
  • Registration of notarial bonds over movable property.
  • Registration of mortgages over immovable property.
  • Advice on tax matters related to transfer of property.
  • Registrations of change of name.
  • Registrations of subdivisions or consolidations of immovable property.
  • Drafting of lease agreements.
  • Drafting of agreements of sale of immovable property.
  • Drafting of contracts.
  • Drafting of and registration of wills and trusts.
  • Drafting of constitutions for voluntary organizations including church, sports and social organizations.

The services provided by this department include the following:

  • Advice on all civil matters and the best dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Civil litigation in the Magistrates, High and Supreme Court.
  • Debt collection in the Magistrates and High court.
  • Court applications and/or opposition to schemes of arrangement, liquidations and, judicial management.
  • Preparing of arbitration documents and appearing in arbitration proceedings.
  • Mining rights litigation.

Our labour department undertakes the following work:

  • Drafting contracts of employment.
  • Management of disciplinary proceedings.
  • Provision of advice in labour disputes.
  • Drafting of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Drafting of codes of conduct.
  • Drafting of various work policies.
  • Drafting of confidentiality agreements.
  • Provision of labour law advice.
  • Provision of legal representation in labour tribunals, labour courts and the High court and Supreme court.


  • Our criminal law department provides advice in criminal matters and handles all criminal law litigation in the lower and higher courts.

This department handles:

  • Advice on family law and deceased estates matters.
  • Litigation in family law matters including divorce, access, guardianship, custody and maintenance.
  • Administration of deceased estates.
  • Curatorship.
  • Litigation involving deceased estates.


Mr T. Masiye-Moyo
Senior Partner
Mrs M.F. Masiye-Moyo
Associate Partner
Mr L C Nyamapfene
Mrs L. Nyati-Dube